01. About me

01. About me

I’m Agnès R

creativity coach.

My passion is inspiring people who aren’t content with what’s comfortable and normal in their lives and helping them to regain their life force. I help them connect with their natural creativity and their most authentic selves, which leads them to transform every area of their lives and fills them with intensity, freedom, passion and enthusiasm to pursue their dreams. Through my unique creative coaching, inspired by imaginative and active meditation, dance and music, tantra and theatrical improvisation, introspective photography and therapeutic writing as well as other creative experiences, I invite you to leave your mind and enter your body, heart and soul, which will guide you through your process of transformation.

02. The journey together

I offer several journeys of inner transformation for us to set out on together. Each one is an inspiring and personalised creative process to discover your natural creativity, your truest essence, to restore your life force, and pursue your dreams and the kind of life that makes you feel vibrant and alive.

Discover your journey!


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