Reconnect with your parents

How can I reconnect with my parents?

To reconnect with your parents, you’ll need to take a journey through time to identify the life experiences that made you who you are today, that shaped how you see the world and how you relate to others. This will allow you to find your natural place in your family, a place where you can express your most authentic, joyful, spontaneous and creative self.

Creating a strong and loving bond with your parents is of vital importance for feeling confident, for having self-esteem, for harnessing all your potential to build relationships that make you happy, and for pursuing your dreams.

Key areas of creative coaching for improving parent-child relationships

Using a range of personalised creative experiences such as guided visualisation with voice, music and dance, interpretation through role plays, conscious photography, therapeutic writing and creating art, as well as other tools, you’ll explore the following dimensions of your relationship with your parents:

Your emotional inheritance

The emotional heritage passed down from your parents that you must transcend to connect with your natural creativity and true self.

Building a strong relationship with your mother

Overcoming obstacles in your relationship with your mother to empower your creative side.

Building a strong relationship with your father

Overcoming obstacles in your relationship with your father to empower your creative side.

Integrating your feminine and masculine side

Exploring your natural femininity and masculinity beyond the lessons learned from your parents to find your authenticity.

Your natural place in the family system

Finding a place for yourself in the family system that leaves room for your authentic and creative self.

Building a new relationship with your parents

A new relationship that leaves space for the creative you and encourages you to take on the world.

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