Reconnect with your partner

To reconnect with your partner, you’ll need to feel completely relaxed in your heart, have a fluid body and free soul. It’s the only way to enter your creative, authentic and sensual space.

We all want to experience relationships of deep, passionate, long-lasting love, but routine and lack of time to connect can let relationships grow cold. One of the most frequently asked questions is how to prevent a relationship from becoming monotonous or cold.

Connecting with your creative essence will help you to be more present and available to your partner, allowing love to flourish and passion to return.

Key areas of partner creative coaching

Through a range of personalised creative experiences using tantra, conscious dancing, guided meditation, codependency and other tools, you’ll explore the partnership dimensions below. Some creative coaching practices for couples are individual, while others require the presence of both partners:

Your reflection in your partner

The facets of yourself that you show your partner and that you need to overcome to live fully based on your love, creativity and authenticity.

From the heart to your vulnerability

Intimacy that leads to communicating from the heart and brings you closer as a couple.

Your creative expression to generate sensuality as a couple

Awaken your love, authenticity and creativity so you can make moments filled with magic.

Connect your sexuality to your heart so your sensuality and creativity can emerge

Expanding your creativity through sexuality with your partner.

A new routine to create a space for connection and surrender

Integrating a new way of loving into your daily routine.

The new relationship you want to build over time

The vision and actions essential for a vibrant present and exciting future.

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