Reconnect with your friends

To reconnect with friends and build new friendships and a community of friends, you need to share your true self, your joyful, spontaneous and creative self, not a fabricated character that creates distance in your relationships and makes you feel lonely.

How can you feel good with friends?

You need to understand who you are, the essentials you have to give and receive, and what experiences you want to share with your friends, the passions that bring you together and the dreams that come from that bond.

Key areas of creative coaching for improving social relationships

Using a range of personalised creative experiences such as guided visualisation with voice, music and dance, interpretation through role plays, conscious photography, therapeutic writing and creating art, as well as other tools, you’ll explore the following dimensions of the friendships in your life:

Distance or the feeling of loneliness

Your attitude and the masks you wear that create distant friendships.

Shared values that build happy friendships

The values that are essential for you to build solid and long-lasting friendships.

Integrating your authentic and creative self

Finding your authenticity and eliminating distance in friendships.

Sharing what you’re passionate about

Identifying passions that come from your creativity and shape your community of friends.

Building your community of friends

Identifying the ingredients of your ideal community as well as the ingredients you want to leave out.

The dreams that come from your community

Dreams you want to share and co-create with your community of friends.

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