Create your new self

To transform yourself, to create your ‘new you’, you’ll need to connect with your innate authenticity and creativity, the home of your life force, to reinvent yourself and pursue your dreams.

How can you avoid falling back into a comfortable, routine life that doesn’t make you happy?

You’ll need to move beyond the characters and masks that keep you from being yourself, to rediscover the true creative essence that allows you to escape your comfort zone and pursue the life that really gives you a sense of fulfilment.

Key areas of personal creative coaching

Using a range of personalised creative experiences such as guided visualisation with voice, music and dance, interpretation through role plays, conscious photography, therapeutic writing and creating art, as well as other tools, you’ll explore the following dimensions of your being to create your new you:

The strength of your inner child

The natural joy and creativity inside you.

Your teenage rebelliousness

Rebelliousness to help you to overcome limitations.

Characters and masks to be destroyed

The falseness that keeps you from being yourself.

Your creative talents as a means for transformation

Your creative side that will give you the strength to reinvent yourself.

Your creative self that fuels your dreams

The life force that makes you feel everything is possible.

Actions to create your new you

Essential steps for launching your new self into the world.

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